My way of working with You

Your personal (life) situation is my starting point.

From my point of view every crisis, any problem can result in a new beginning, a new chance for a new healing path and a better way of loving and living.

I help you to understand and get aware how thoughts and feelings affect you, to sense signals of the body, analyze your behavior with the conscious and unconscious patterns.

In a stressful, challenging life situation, I will listen very carefully and help you to reflect. I will give you space to share, an overview of the current situation by examining it from different angles.

We will look at your talents, gifts and life-experiences. We will search your hidden and unaware abilities or opportunities, find ways to nourish and develop them, so that they enrich and enfold their blessings into your live.

Together we figure out what method fits the best.

So that the current load can be softened, released and things get better.

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NLP-Master • Hypnotherapy – Erickson •

Holistic EMDR • Systemic Constellation • Trainer for Awareness • Teacher for Meditation