Ancient healing pathways - energy work

Known in different cultures all over the world for thousands of years,

even if not visible – acupressure points, chakras and meridians have effected people and their well-being.

Shamanic healing knowledge and energy work

The knowledge of the ancient cultures live in harmony with the rhythms of nature, remembering mother earth and her gifts: Earthing, Dreaming, Soul retrieval, Chakra cleansing and energy work on the human light energy field.

Far Eastern Methods:

Activate and harmonize the vagus nerve through self-acupressure, breathing, breath flow, tones and energy work.

The vagus nerve is the largest nerve in the parasympathetic nerve system and is always active in the relaxation phase. It regulates almost all internal organs.

Regular exercises promote well-being and can have beneficial and stress-reducing effects in challenging situations.

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