Being unique

and one with creation

Heart Harmonies and Soul Sound - Individual Coaching

Let your own soul and heart sound with their unique melody, attuned to the great symphony of creation.

Everyone is looking for joy in life, for meaning, for self-expression in the bigger picture. Everyone wants to be loved, respected, happy and held - to fully express their own creativity.

It should be easy and simple, we want to feel good and be wealthy.

Finding inside what cannot be found outside:

As an individualized creation of God, everyone has their own access to their unique heart essence, their soul, their image of God, their God-consciousness.

An individual coaching might reactivate this Inner Knowing, to live self-love and self-respect again. Being aware of one's own needs, one's own challenges in life – which often recure cyclically in different forms.

Unique and yet one with creation

Open your heart, live your soul

As a wonderful unique being of creation, everyone has their own path, genius talents and skills to create solutions, bring about changes and shape life positively.

Here are some ideas for an individual work:

Facing Shadows

By uncovering and working on cyclically recurring painful topics, survival strategies and hidden treasures become visible and tangible.

Producing sounds, singing, chanting – the virtue of sound and music

Every tone has a vibration and an immediate effect to body, mind and soul. Experiencing and knowing about this makes it possible to consciously change the energetic frequency in difficult moments.


Listening to your inner voice, sense and trust your gut feeling again.

Expand your inner perception/awareness, trust yourself.

Experience self-confidence and self-trust.

The power of prayer:

Walk with positive prayers and affirmations.

The power of rituals and cycles:

Using rituals to consciously say goodbye,

let go, start again, draw strength,

strengthen visions of the future,

forgive yourself and others.

Your perception and relationship to creation – Self-love, Self-confidence, Faith, Trust

Rediscover, renew and nourish the relationship to yourself and the invisible world:

… as a divine spark,

with your companions,

guardian angels,

your ancestors,

nature …

Further work impulses:




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