In the case of trauma,

an unconscious experience

affects the NOW - as if it were present.

Some events in our lives shock and hurt us deeply, they overwhelm us, they leave us no choice, they push us over our limits - we cannot handle them - they can traumatize us. 

On the physical level experiences are usually stored in both hemispheres of the brain.

We remember the experience with their emotions, body sensations and sensory impressions (right brain hemisphere) and the knowledge of time, place and logic (left hemisphere). 

In the case of trauma, the memory is stored separately, divided with information on each side of the hemisphere. Adverse health effects can appear both emotionally as well as physically.

A "post-traumatic stress disorder" might result.

Panic attacks, insomnia or depression can all be signs of an "unconscious trauma".

EMDR stands for desensitization and reprocessing a traumatic experience from eye movements

(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

The therapeutic approach, moving the eyes to the left and right, may result in a desensitization of fear, panic and traumatic experiences.

Feelings, body sensations and sensory impressions that had been isolated stored in the brain sections become a holistic memory again.

The traumatic experience still exists, but the negative and stressful effects may change for the better and will be recognized as a past experience. New coping strategies can develop.

The hemispheres of the brain can also be stimulated via audio, aroma or body impulses.

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