Systemic constellations

back into the flow of life,

release and heal blocked energies

Each of us belongs to a family, to a group, to a region, to a country, to a calling.

If we take our right place in a system (for example a family, a working group), the energies flow freely, life is accepted and lived, with its wonders, its ups and downs. We happily live our calling.

Too often we just don't carry our own fate. We are connected and entangled with the life and energies of others. We are not entirely free - not entirely "ourselves".

In a systemic constellation an inner image, a problem is brought to the outside to get treatable. Working on that image, solutions can be found, we can experience healing according to the orders of love.

The pictures showing iron weights represent the following:

The box stands for a system.

If the weights are sorted out, lost or in the wrong place, then the whole system is messed up.

Only if all weights take their designated place, the lid can be closed and the box can fulfill its function, its purpose.

A system can be edited and corrected according to the following rules:


Everyone belongs to the system - nobody is marginalized, everyone takes and agrees to their right place.

Give and take:

The big ones (usually the older ones) - give to the little ones (usually the younger ones).

Respect and attention:

the fate of others and the own fate is respected.

In a constellation a solution will be worked out. Everyone gets their right places gets honored and respected.

If everyone carries only the own individual fate, then everyone can accept the good of the system, take it and live it. Burdens can transmute into blessings; hidden talents of the family can flow into presence.

The healing sentences which are spoken during a constellation have a profound lasting effect.

It is a relief to be responsible for the own fate only. It is a blessing, to be empowered to take and to give, to express appreciation, respect and honoring the whole system.

When can a systemic constellation be of help?

Developmental problems, feeling blocked and slowed down. If disease patterns, behaviors, symptoms and “bad” fate shows up and repeats themselves from generation to generation.

A systemic constellation can be done in several ways:

With participants, in an individual 1 to 1 session with books, chairs, papers, display boards and figures.

The choice of method for the systemic constellation is based on a personal assessment.

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